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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The CBT approach is based on the premise that thoughts, feelings and behaviors are interrelated. Using the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model, we will seek to explore and identify thinking patterns in the present that may be contributing to troubling behavior and emotional distress.

Together, we will work to develop new ways of thinking and behaving, which could have a positive effect on your mood and behavior. Clients are often keen to understand the difference between the CBT model and Psychodynamic approach. This is something we can discuss, in greater detail, at your initial consultation.
However, here is a summary of some of the main differences:

CBT is usually a short term therapy, between 6-12 weekly sessions, which will help to control the symptoms of your difficulties. We will have an opportunity to reflect on your past, but the focus of our work will be on helping you to change thought patterns in the present. For CBT to be effective you will need to be motivated to actively work with this model. This will involve doing some homework exercises, such as keep a thought diary between sessions. Our sessions and the homework exercises will help you to find new tools, which will improve your mood.

This model can be especially helpful for people suffering from mild to moderate anxieties and phobias, depression, procrastination, work or exam stress and lack of assertiveness.

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