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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

What is therapy?

This can be an anxiety provoking question and the aim of this section is to hopefully allay some of your anxieties, as well as briefly explaining the kinds of therapy I am experienced in and able to provide.

Who seeks therapy?

I can honestly say that the combination of my life and professional experiences have lead me to the view that therapy can be suitable for a rich diversity of people and nobody has a monopoly on suffering. If you are motivated and seeking growth, change, direction and potentially transformation in your life, one of the following forms of therapy could be for you.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

The Psychodynamic approach to therapy recognises the interrelation between the past and the present. Together, within the safe confines of an utterly confidential and non-judgmental space, we will seek to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the present, in the context of your life experiences. In other words, we will work to understand the underlying causes of your difficulties.

This can be especially helpful when ways of being or communicating are causing you concern in the present. Sometimes these troubling patterns of behavior or relating may have their origins in early experiences and are recreated within the therapeutic experience. The regularity of our sessions will give us an opportunity to explore these patterns, which will help us to gain insight into the nature your difficulties, without fear of judgement, rejection or retaliation.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy can lead to changes in perception and greater self awareness ; many clients find that this increases their confidence and feelings of freedom within their lives and relationships. In time, this enables the individual to change and grow in ways that feel more satisfying and fulfilling. This form of therapy can be either short or long term. Please see the Initial Consultation section for more information on duration of therapy.

This approach can be especially helpful for people experiencing problems with relationships, low self esteem, anxiety, depression and recurring problems of a long duration.

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