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Some Reflections on Beginning Therapy

Our initial meeting would last for approximately 60 minutes. During this time, I would invite you to talk with me about what has prompted you to seek therapy and what you may be hoping for from the experience. This momentous meeting is also an important means by which we can both reflect on what may be the best therapeutic approach for your specific needs. Some clients find this initial meeting daunting, which is understandable given that it is a brave step even to admit you may want or need help.

Hopefully this meeting will help you to clarify your thinking and once I know a little about you, we can contemplate what the best way forward may be for you.

Time-Limited or Open-Ended Therapy?

This is something that we can discuss at your initial consultation. Many people find that with time- limited, goal focused therapy, they are able to find what they are searching for from therapy. Although time-limited, I am confident that much can be achieved within a short space of time. Time-limited work would usually last for twelve sessions, but again, this is something we can discuss, if you feel you may benefit from a longer period. The therapy would be based on the psychodynamic principles listed in the previous section.

Some people prefer to embark on therapy without the constraints of time and therefore choose open-ended therapy. At an initial consultation, we would be able to explore what would best suit you.

In CBT, time limited work and open-ended therapy, you would have a weekly appointment, at the same time and each session would last for 50 minutes. It is my experience that an initial consultation is a very useful guide for both therapist and client, as to what may feel best for your unique and individual needs.

Please see the next section for more information on the practical arrangements for our first meeting and ongoing work.

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